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When you are visiting a American casino, there are several parameters beyond the luck you need to master to be a winning player. One of these parameters beside the security is the rate of redistribution or rate of repayment. I am sure you have heard many times about this notion without knowing exactly what it was referring to. In some sites, this rate is displayed at the bottom of the home page. You can visit the table of our online casinos with the best rate of redistribution in USA.

The payout rate plays several roles in casinos. More than a marketing tool, because it is closely related to the gains you can expect; this rate also indicates how generous a game can be. With the example of Madslots you present a very precise repayment rate.


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This rate is simply defined as the percentage difference between the bets made by a player and the winnings he receives back to a game. This rate is a clear indicator of the odds you have to make money by playing in a game. a given site. The ideal would be to play a game with a high payout rate. The higher the rate, the more you should expect to receive big winnings.

The phrase redistribution rate is more used on casino games such as slot machines and video poker. On table games like blackjack, roulette or craps; you will hear more about the “home advantage” or the bank advantage. This is simply an indication of the rate that the casino keeps on the bets you make. So when you hear that the house has a 3% advantage; this simply corresponds to a payout rate of 97%.

Redistribution rate of American casinos


The redistribution rate differs depending on the site and the game variations you play on. This rate generally varies between 88% and 85% on slot machines in American land-based casinos. It revolves around 97% in American sites. Casinos offer far higher payout rates; This is due to the fact that they do not support operating costs and charges (such as paying staff, rent, and other expenses) to which the terrestrial rooms are exposed.


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The calculation to determine the redistribution rate is simple: the site observes the difference between the bets made on a machine and the earnings paid during a given period. This average obviously varies according to the periods. There are independent verification bodies like eCOGRA. These organizations monitor the gambling halls to ensure that the figures are accurate. This is one more reason for you to bet your money on sites that have a license.


It is your responsibility to verify that the American site in which you want to play offers an acceptable redistribution rate. For it; keep in mind that a payout rate of less than 95% is not attractive to you. The best American gambling sites like La Riviera that we present here offer the best rates of redistribution you can find on the net.